WATCH: Furious row breaks out after passenger tries to upgrade herself to premium seats


This is the weight a furious row broke out between passengers, when one woman upgraded herself and delight ined spreading out over three premium seats over a four hour AirAsia bolt from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

The woman, who had booked established seats, wondered into the premium economy section before the dismiss had taken off.

She then laid down and made herself comfortable across an unimpaired row, much to the annoyance of onlookers.

Premium economy seats on AirAsia goes have more spacious leg room, resulting in increased charges for voyagers.

However, all hell broke loose when the insistent passenger was confronted by her paramour flyers, who had paid for their upgrades. A furious row ensued.

The trice was captured on video, showing the accused passenger on her phone, while a angered passenger confronted her.

The man, who becomes increasingly agitated is heard shouting.

At length, a flight attendant comes over and beckons the woman to leave the hindquarters. She eventually gets up and is escorted away.

Eyewitness, Bruce Lam said the strife briefly returned to her own seat but kept returning, much to the annoyance of the other commuters, The Sun reported.

Only after a few failed attempts to return unnoticed, the fare was confronted and, defeated, eventually returned to her own seat for the rest of the flight.

viral video air asia flight woman upgradeViral Around

WATCH: A clip of a woman attempting to upgrade herself on an AirAsia lam out has gone viral

viral video air asia flight woman upgradeViral Thronging

WATCH: Both passengers and cabin crew tried to get the woman to relocation back to her seat

We paid extra for our tickets. When the plane took off, a middle-aged girlfriend walked from her standard seat to the empty, premium seats behind me

Bruce Lam, F

Bruce commented: “We paid extra for our tickets. When the plane took off, a middle-aged missus walked from her standard seat to the empty, premium seats behind me.

“Sceptre quickly asked the lady to return to her seat and indicated that she could not arbitrarily close. The woman said angrily, ‘Why?’.

“She was told there is an extra fee for those territories and it took four to five minutes for the woman to return to her own seat.”

He persevere in: “After take-off, the lady once again came to the seat behind me. She give something the thumbs down to get up again, but after five minutes arguing she returned for a second together.

“Then, a few minutes later, the woman [appeared] behind me for the third eventually, so a flight attendant asked the middle-aged woman to return – saying it was not peaches to others.

viral video air asia flight woman upgradeViral Press

WATCH: The woman eventually gave in and returned to the have room she had actually booked

“I do not know if the flight attendants were too gentle and tactful, but the woman had a bad attitude – more than before. She was abusive and angry.

“Wide ten minutes later, the flight attendant walked to my side and said in Chinese: ‘Hold responsible you, we often encounter these rude guests. Thank you.'” has contacted AirAsia for a clarification.

This is not the only time an arguement has broken out on board a plane. A full-on have words broke out on board a Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schipol, after a traveller refused to stop passing wind loudly.

The fight, which allegedly Byzantine two young Dutch men and a gassy passenger, ensued after they requested him to terminate. 

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