WATCH: Furious passenger responds to cancelled flight by BURNING his luggage


Air voyages which are cancelled when passengers have already arrived at the airport resolve undeniably infuriate travellers.

However, no matter how angry they effectiveness be, very few will go to the extreme lengths one passenger went to in protest at his ranged flight in Pakistan.

The flier, who had booked a flight with Pakistan Supranational Airlines (PIA), was so angry his flight was cancelled, he decided to set fire to his luggage.

Alarming footage nicked the shocking incident at Islamabad Airport and has now gone viral.

The flight had been grounded on Thursday morning due to bad ill leaving the passenger enraged.

Footage shows the passenger setting shoot to his clothes in the middle of the airport lounge.

Flames can be seen licking the hoard of material on the ground, but initially no one around him appears to take action, in spite of a crowd gathering nearby.

One man soon comes up to the passenger and attempts to put out the shamed blaze with a fire extinguisher.

But the passenger responds by violently rebounding the extinguisher away from the pile of clothes.

Airport security take the role on the scene shortly after and confront the man.

He appears to hold up his hands as though valour the authorities to arrest him.

There is much angry shouting between the assemblage of men but the footage then comes to an end as a guard spots the person filming.

It is settled the fire was put out by Civil Aviation Authority firefighters.

A PIA spokesperson told Pakistan English-language newspaper Sunrise that passengers were moved to hotels.

They waited there for a new covey of grouse, which was scheduled for them on Friday.

“No airline can risk flying a voyager plane in bad weather,” the spokesperson said.

“PIA has opted to forgive and forget the skirmish that happened at Islamabad International Airport on November 15.”

Last week a assertion went viral after an angry passenger complained he was sitting next to a close off without a window.

The flight attendant responded by drawing a picture of a window for the man and stay it on the wall. 

A funny photo shows the man sleeping next to the picture – a quite basic drawing of two clouds and the sea.

One Twitter user commented on the image: “From the way he’s slumber, I’d say that dude was satisfied.”

Another person posted on Twitter: “Important thinking by the attendant”.

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