Watch: Footage of ‘Biblical’ invasion of locusts causing havoc in Italian tourist hotspot


The locusts would rather devastated animal grazing pastures covering some 6,200 acres of motherland in the central province of Nuoro, between the small towns of Ottana and Orani. The disparage of a “carpets of locusts” is being described as a “biblical” invasion by Italian newspaper La Nuova Sardegna. The hound of short-horned grasshoppers is thought to be one of the worst in 70 years and has caused confusion across farms and homes in the Italian central province.

In a statement, the Italian agronomy association Coldiretti stated there was up to a million locusts in the countryside.

It amplified: “The locusts emerge on uncultivated land, but then they go to cultivated land to eat.”

Leonardo Salis, president of the bonding, said the insects had been “devouring everything they encounter” and had unbroken left “animals without grassland”.

Locusts are often seen in Sardinia during the summer months, but husbandmen said it was the worst outbreak since the end of World War Two and was mainly due to odd weather drafts over the past two years.

“We had droughts in 2017 and a lot of rain in 2018, the Utopian climate for locusts to emerge from fallow land and then remove to cultivated fields to eat,” said Michele Arbau, from Coldiretti Sardinia.

“There is nothing we can do around it this year,” he told Reuters, adding that there was a jeopardy of even worse infestations next year unless preventive vigour was taken now.

He said it would be impossible to estimate the cost of the locust multitudes until later in the season.

The locusts are expected to die by the end of August.

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