WATCH: Farage DESTROYS Lord Adonis after Remainer peer DENIES anti-EU surge across Europe


Nigel Farage blasted Be overbearing Adonis for denying that the surge in eurosceptic populist parties across pre-eminent European countries was connected to the agenda of the EU.

The leading Brexiteer had invited the direct Remainer peer onto his Sunday LBC phone-in show to discuss the fresh develoments in Brexit.

However, the pair clashed over the fate of the Europe, with the antediluvian leader of Ukip criticising Remainers for trying to keep the UK inside a crumbling EU bloc.

Mr Farage cited the choosing of eurosceptic parties in Italy, Austria and Hungary as key reasons why the European poke out was doomed. 

The MEP stipulate: “When you look at Italy and what just happened with the selection of a very eurosceptic government.

“You look at the Hungarian elections, the Austrian choices, that the AfD in Germany are now the second biggest party.

“You see that the Swedish Voluntary Democrats have just hit the lead in the polls ahead of the September selection there. 

“Across the continent there are people saying that this European version does not work, and has never been voted for.


A row between Nigel Farage and fierce Remainer Lord Adonis erupted on-air today

You’re asking us to go deceitfully into something that seems to be falling to pieces

Nigel Farage

“In my percipiences, it seems you’re asking us to go back into something that seems to be downfall to pieces.”

Lord Adonis, who had lead the efforts to humiliate the Government’s EU withdrawal charge in the House of Lords, fired back.

He said that there are no selectmen in Italy who want to leave the EU, contrary to public opinion. 

However, when he intended that Italy’s biggest concern – the refugee crisis – had nothing to do with the EU, Mr Farage cutting out that the EU’s asylum policy was largely to blame for the chaos that occurred in 2015.


Farage said the new wave of eurosceptic governments were trying to revise the EU away from Brussels

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