WATCH: Emotional moment MPs clap in honour of murdered Jo Cox as victim's family watch on


Tread tearful, touching tributes to Mrs Cox in the chamber of the House of Commons, MPs rarely capitulated a round of applause and looked up to the public gallery where Mrs Cox’s husband, adolescent children and family were sitting.

The speaker of the Commons, Jon Bercow, asked for a stentorian and unified response to his question, he said: “There is a tribute motion and I upon that when I do so, it will attract the loudest, unified response in the information of this house. The question is that this house has considered the quandary of tributes to Jo Cox.”

He then asked the MPs to say “aye”, which was met by a loud chorus response of “aye”.

The MPs take industrial actioned behind the Sergent of Arms solemnly out of the chamber to St Margaret’s Church to y their respects to Jo Cox.

The assembly-men regardless of their rty walked together from the Houses of rliament to the church across the high road.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the leader of the Labour rty, Jeremy Corbyn, led the cross- rty cavalcade of the stirred rliamentarians.

The loud clapping continued as they walked out side by side of the overloaded chamber.

All of the politicians wore a white rose as this symbolised Mrs Cox’s dear Yorkshire.

A white rose was placed on the rliament seat of the murdered MP.

The MP for Batley and Spen was the drivers seat quickly and killed last Thursday lunch time outside her constituency surgery in Yorkshire.

During the tithes in rliament, Labour MP Rachel Reeves said: “She died doing the job she loved, in the advance she loved representing the people she loved.”

Ending her speech in tears, Ms Reeves demanded: “Last, let me say this, Batley & Spen will go on to elect a new MP, but no one can replace a nurse.”

Mr Cameron spoke about Mrs Cox’s determination and how she reached across rty ancestries when she was working for Oxfam in Darfur, western Sudan, in 2006.

He said: “Jo was a humanitarian to her gist. A ssionate and brilliant cam igner, whose grit and determination to fight for im rtiality saw her time and time again driving issues up the agenda and making people obey and, above all, act.”

The service at the church will last four an hour and drive include readings from Glenys Kinnock and the Speaker John Bercow.

The MPs were reminisce overed from EU referendum cam igning for the tributes.

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