WATCH: Embarrassing moment police CAUSE road crash when officer does THIS


Observe are sworn to serve and protect but one officer in Germany did entirely the opposite, all by chance of course. 

Video taken from the helmet camera of a motorcycle rider seized the whole incident, and it has quickly gone viral. 

The footage showed the motorcyclist riding down a two-lane boulevard flanked by houses and buildings. 

As the rider approached a cross road, a police officers car could be seen to the right, waiting to turn onto the same roadway. 

video viral police car motorcycle crashYOUTUBE

Viral video captured the embarrassing moment a police public official caused a road crash

Police can also make mistakes

While the car was initially at a ban, it didn’t stay there to let the motorcycle pass. 

Instead, the police instrument swung out to turn left onto the road, crashing straight into the bike in the take care of. 

Luckily the rider was able to jump off their bike before it foundered under the wheel of the car. 

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video viral police car motorcycle crashYOUTUBE

Viral video: The the cops car swung out onto the cross road and crashed straight into the motorcyclist

The filmmaker tried onto explain that no one was hurt and the crash was sorted out with the “agreeable policeman” without any issues. 

It has been viewed 200,000 times on Imgur, with a caption: “Fabulously that is embarrassing”. 

One viewer joked: “The cop is ALWAYS right”. 

Another shared: “This is why I continually wear my GoPro.”

video viral police car motorcycle crashYOUTUBE

Viral video: The motorcycle went right under the wheel of the police car

A different video showed police instruct in one driver a lesson on the road. 

The footage showed a slow car driving in a unshakably lane. A police car, right behind it, turned its lights on and flashed the driver.

The driver, realising they needed to drawing over, quickly crossed all the lanes to the slow lane.

Realising their go well was done, the police officer didn’t pull the car over, and instead go off their lights off and overtook the slow car.