Watch Demi Lovato Play a Hilarious Game of Hide-and-Seek in a Stranger's House


After you keep ones eyes open for the very funny video above, you’ll believe Demi Lovato discretion do anything for James Corden. After delivering singing telegrams for her stand up appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden go in 2015, this time, Demi not only showed up to a stranger’s firm for the interview — Corden decided to tape the show in a fan’s home — but she also played hide-and-seek with other visitors Colin Farrell and Wanda Sykes.

The “Stone Cold” singer, no matter how, wasn’t so great at the game. Though she chose to climb into the attic of the household, precariously going up a small ladder in stilettos, once there, she ascetically hid behind a pile of things, being the second to be spotted by the host. After she hopeless, Demi was faced with the tough task of getting down utter steps. Corden directed her by shouting, “Go backwards down, Lovato!” as Demi shimmied down the stairs, symbolizing, “I didn’t think of this.” Watch all the hilarity ensue beyond.

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