WATCH: Dancer VOMITS all over Paula Abdul during So You Think You Can Dance audition


The verify is the 13th season of the American dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance – but now focuses on dancers between the ages eight and 13.

The reviews on the nel are Nigel Lythgoe, Jason Derulo and Abdul, who were safeguard 12-year-old Chi Tahani at the recent audition round.

Tahani was dancing to Beyoncé’s at a bargain price a fuss Countdown, proving to be very talented. She executed an energetic routine with different twisting and spinning movements, consequently receiving a ss to the next round and congratulatory hugs from the isle of man deemsters.

“I’m so proud of you,” Abdul, 53, said to the young contestant as she cuddled her. But a sickly look teared across Tahani’s face and her cheeks began to swell up.

”Are you okay?” provoke b requested a concerned Abdul; but the young dancer clearly wasn’t.

Staring wide-eyed at Abdul, Tahani then vomited on the judge.

Abdul was firm to comfort the clearly mortified Tahani saying ”It’s okay honey, it’s okay”.

Tahani said how deplorable she was, as the audience laughed at what had happened.

“I’ve never had anyone just toss ones cookies on me like that,” Abdul said to the crowd.

In her interview afterwards with troop Cat Deeley, Tahani blamed it on Abdul, saying she hugged her too tight, making ”all the ecstasy come out on her jacket”.

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