WATCH: Cruise ship DESTROYS part of marina after dangerous manoeuvre


The video steers the Carnival Cruise ship leaving a port in Italy to begin its galivant.

Using the ship’s strong engines, it creates a wake that innovates over the top of the port.

This then causes a huge wave to smash into divers of the ships within the marina.

What happens next most disposed to annoyed many of the boat owners.

cruise ship damage marina youtube videoYouTube

A sail ship destroys a marina in a viral video

The boats and the pier are finished

The boats and the pier are destroyed, as they are seen crashing into each other as the ship abstain froms.

The ships in the port of Messina, Sicily, were reported to have had up to £200,000 in mutilates, with authorities investigating the situation.

No-one was hurt within the great wave, thankfully.

The YouTube video, which has since had over 400,000 cityscapes, has conflicted users regarding who was to blame.

cruise ship damage marina youtube videoYouTube

The video productions the wake of the cruise ship destroy the boats in the marina

One asked: “The mystery is, ‘Why was the cruise ship so close to that marina and using that much power?’ Was it in anguish?”

Carnival told Huffington Post in a statement last year: “The scram’s officers were forced to increase the vessel’s propulsion motors to authority over the ship’s movement and bring it back on course.

“In the process, the force of the vessel’s propeller wash in the harbour impacted a nearby floating dock and some slight feel embarrassed vessels which were damaged. No injuries were reported. 

““The thought amounts of damages are over €250,000.”

“The company sincerely apologises for the matter and has been in compressed contact with Italian authorities to examine what transpired.”

cruise ship damage marina youtube videoYouTube

The video stops on the boats that have been damaged from the cruise cutter waves

It isn’t the only dangerous cruise ship crash caught on camera.

Another Carnival Boat ship struggled in a port during a storm, after it escaped its bounds.

The video shows the ship hitting another boat after intense weather in the area.

Luckily it wasn’t going at a high speed so navely nudged it but it was sure to have caused some expensive damage.

Tons of the ground crew in the area can see it happening but are unable to do anything to stop it.

The man skinning, however, has become the star of the show.

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