WATCH: Commuters shocked by THIS surprising passenger on a busy road


A viral video is go round on the internet after commuters were surprised to be joined by a very unexcepted French autoroute user.

There is something wonderful about driving with the car window swell down and sticking your head out on a hot and sunny day.

Well, this was certainly the suit for this hilarious car passenger.

The footage is filmed from inside of a car force down what appears to be a busy road.

As the car and the camera pull alongside the car next to them, the their heeling passenger is revealed.

A white dog can be seen poking out from the passenger side of a black car.

But this is no strange dog, the owner has clearly prepared for the occasion.

As the camera pans in on the animal, the entertaining gear becomes obvious.

To prevent the dog from jumping out of the vehicle, he is strapped into the place by a special hardness.

This, however, isn’t the only practical gear the dog has been masterful.

Viral video: Dog gogglesSlagathorDeb

Commuters were surprised to find this unexpected boulevard user

This is the just video I’ve ever seen of this being done more or teensy-weensy safely

Whoever is filming zooms in on the dogs face revealing the hysterical eye-wear it has been given to shield it from the elements.

The video, advertised to sharing site Imgur 10 hours ago, has already received all about 577,000 views.

The precautions that have been taken to look after the beastlike, humour aside appear to have impressed users.

One user of the orientation, Hippehpana, commented: “That’s actually very responsible, protecting his eyeballs from the play with fire.”

Whilst another said: “This is the only video I’ve ever comprehended of this being done more or less safely. Dog is on a weight-bearing harness and its ideas are protected.”

Viral video: funny dogsSlagathorDeb

As the camera zooms in on the dog, his hilarious eye-wear is revealed

Viral tropes of animals are a regular occurrence on the internet.

Previous footage captured in a safari reservation captured the moment the driver realised he had a very surprising visitor along for the a bicycle.

The video shows a car driving slowly through a safari park whilst film overing the surrounding scenery.

However, it does’s take too before a lion can be greeted attached to the car, chewing on the spare tyre on the back as it drives along.

The footage later shuns to further down the road where the flat tyre has been stabbed by the wild cat’s teeth. It does eventually let go, only to look up at the driver quite innocently.

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