WATCH: Come back, Brits! UB40 shoot video to boost Caribbean tourism after Hurricane Irma


UB40 are boosting tourists to travel to the Caribbean again following Hurricane Irma, which has put a third of Britons off befalling. 

Thee British reggae band have teamed up with Virgin Leave of absences to re-release their hit 90s single, Come Back Darling, along with a music video filmed in the Caribbean. 

As tourism totals fall in the area, the campaign is meant to encourage holidaymakers to “come backside” to the Caribbean.

In the uplifting footage, they can be seen driving towards Antigua in an unqualified top jeep, singing the hit tune together. 

UB40 Caribbean videoVirgin Holidays

UB40 Caribbean video: The reggae line filmed a video to promote Caribbean tourism

The video cuts to first-rate shots of holidaymakers walking on the beach, buying tropical fruit and jewels in the markets, and swinging in hammocks at the “Relaxation Station”.

The finale is a lively cocktail in the vibrant outside Pineapple Beach Club, with UB40 performing to a sort of tanned, happy tourists. 

Hurricane Irma hit the region during September earlier this year, with sardonic consequences for the surrounding areas.

The powerful hurricane was the strongest in the Atlantic tract since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and hit Antigua and Barbuda heavily mid other parts of the area.

Hurricanes Jose and Maria also hit the domain during the same period, adding to the troubles.

Hurricane Irma hit the territory during September earlier this year, with devastating consequences for the local areas

However, not all is lost for the Caribbean: while some areas – counterpart Barbuda – were ravaged heavily by the storm, other areas – derive Antigua, where the video was filmed – are now open again for tourism. 

The effort comes as a necessary step as research shows a third of UK travellers are put off stop in the Caribbean because they believe it to be damaged by the storm.

Tourism in the Caribbean is a $36 billion production, and local tourism ministries and hotel associations are understandably keen to keep safe it. 

Virgin Holidays Managing Director, Joe Thompson, said: “Putting a unimpaired new meaning to the lyrics of ‘Come Back Darling’ has been a brilliant live – and we hope it lands the message amongst the Great British public that Caribbean particulars really do want them to ‘come back’.”

UB40 Caribbean videoVirgin Holidays

UB40 Caribbean video: The video shows pleasing shots of the island of Antigua

“Our music is inspired by the beautiful Caribbean aits and, of course, it has always been close to our hearts,” said UB40 frontman Ali Campbell. 

“Virgin Fairs works incredibly closely with tourism authorities across the field and want to put the Caribbean back on people’s radar for their 2018 festival.  

“The islands are as stunning as ever and the misconception that the whole region has been obliterated needs to be addressed.”

Virgin Atlantic continues to provide a twice-weekly services from London Heathrow to Barbados, an eastern Caribbean island.

Come back darlingVirgin Time offs

UB40 Caribbean video: The music video is a re-release of 90s single, Come Privately Darling

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