WATCH: Car gets stuck up a TREE after being filmed rolling backwards


The pretty motor finally stopped when it was half way up the bowing trunk.

A man and chain, thought to be the driver and a passenger, were seen chasing fast behind.

Miraculously keep away fromed hitting any other cars as it speed downhill in reverse and at speed including two lanes of traffic.

Driver Paul Morris-Hill nicked the hilarious accident on his dashcam, on the steep Detling Hill near Canterbury, Kent, on Wednesday up.

Software developer Mr Morris-Hill, 25, was on his way home when the accident occurred.

Dashcam stillSG

Car pay someone backs stuck up tree after appearing out of nowhere in dashcam video

He implied: “I always drive that way home and there’s never traffic as a matter of fact on that very steep hill. I was waiting about five or ten instants, it was stop-start.

This silver car came rolling back out of nowhere

Software developer Mr Morris-Hill

“Then all of a immediate the lorry in front of me tried moving left into my lane. Then it started dispiriting to move right – I didn’t see what was going on at first.

“This white car came rolling back out of nowhere. I’d never seen anything cognate with it before.

“These two people were sprinting after it – it was like a milieu from Benny Hill.”


The car amazingly did not hit any other vehicles as it hurtle down the hill in problem

Kent Police say the Sittingbourne-bound carriageway of the A249 was closed as a result of the explosion but nobody was arrested.

A Kent Police spokesperson said there was a car up a tree, but thankfully there were no damages.

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