WATCH: Car attempts to overtake without checking its mirrors – only for this to happen


A viral video has apprehended the moment a bad driver attempts to overtake on a motorway.

The silver car steers into the third lane of a motorway without looking, closely cutting up a white car.

Thankfully they notice at the last minute and jerk back in, but due to the high speed, they end up spinning out of control.

Suddenly the driver loses handle in the middle of the lanes.

Viral video car accidentImgur/4cU56cv

Viral video: A car narrowly avoids a high bolt collision when attempting to overtake again

The driver then concocts around 180 degrees

The driver then spins around 180 degrees, ending up cladding traffic on the busy road.

They manage to get it back in control and excursion round again whilst a black car nearly smashes into it.

They pounce on on the breaks whilst the car rights itself before getting back into the lane and ambitiousness normally again.

Imgur users were shocked that the disturbance wasn’t more serious.

Viral video car accidentImgur/4cU56cv

Viral video: The car extends out of control after failing to overtake

The video, which has since had in excess of 1.2 million views, showed the dangers of overtaking without verifying behind first.

One user wrote: “There were several extraordinary wreck avoidances by those other drivers, and nice recovery by the Beau Brummell causing all the havoc.”

Another didn’t put the whole blame on the first driver: “Can I germane out that both of them are at fault here? The white car was obviously accepted too fast for his lane.”

One found the situation somewhat more amusing, referencing: “He did eventually get into his desired lane though.”

Viral video car accidentImgur/4cU56cv

Viral video: It extends at 180 degrees in the middle of the motorway

Bad drivers are aplenty on the internet when another car had a cheese-paring miss.

They failed to look where they were thriving when pulling out of a junction.

They then nearly hit both a bike and a lorry prior to speeding off.

Thankfully both were without injuries.

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