WATCH: Bikini babe attempts dangerous cliff dive only for THIS to happen instead


Scar diving is deemed a dangerous sport, with many destinations banning the pursuit, often called ‘tomb-stoning’.

One young woman attempted to try it out for herself to border on her friend already in the water.

Her friend appears to have already successfully made the rise, thankfully.

The poor woman caught on camera sadly didn’t think it so well.

Viral video bikini babeImgur/eHHiw

Viral video: A young number failed at a cliff dive in a painful manner

The viral video illustrates the woman in a bikini leap from the top of the cliff

The viral video leads the woman in a bikini leap from the top of the cliff.

She extends her hands into a falling star shape, looking like she is enjoying it at that instant.

As she tried to move it into a dive, her legs manage to catch behind her and her balance vanishes up being off.

In a painful crash, she ends up hitting the water on her head with her knee also smacking into it.

Viral video bikini babeImgur/eHHiw

Viral video: The bikini-clad char initially makes the dive well

The Imgur video has since had over with 46,000 views, with many offering their own ironic saloon scores.

One user remarked: “5/7 on amusement, 1/7 on dive, 1.5/7 on stance, 7/7 on stupidity.”

Others were more sympathetic to the poor better half’s attempt.

Another kindly wrote: “She did look very graceful for one split promote.”

Viral video bikini babeImgur/eHHiw

Viral video: The young woman loses lever and hits the water in an awkward position

Another woman was also twig captivated in a failed attempt when jumping from a cliff.

Joined by a man who materializes to be her boyfriend next to her, she makes the leap.

Instantly she regrets it and grabs onto her boyfriend’s foot in an have a go to stay on the rock.

Sadly this fails and she spins into the be indefensible at a painful angle.

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