WATCH: Airline passenger’s DARING way to pass time at airport gate goes VIRAL


Any error through the airport requires a lot of waiting around. 

Once you make it as a consequence all the security checks to find your gate, often it’s a case of watching the clock until boarding later. 

While this would usually promote boredom, passengers at this departure doorway found the opposite was true. 

Southwest Airlines customers were mark time to board their plane at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

airport gate song viral Southwest AirlinesFACEBOOK

Airport gate waits can be boring but this Southwest Airlines departure was well entertained

The Southwest Airlines passenger started belting out a inexpensively on the microphone

In the spirit of entertainment, gate agents joked any passengers with a query for gate staff must sing before it was answered. 

One man took the reproach more seriously than most, and the whole performance was caught on camera.

Have a red t-shirt and shorts, the man got up in front of the whole audience to belt out a tune on the microphone. 

He regular added in some vigorous dance moves to coordinate his lively intoning.

airport gate song viral Southwest AirlinesFACEBOOK

Airport barrier karaoke: The Southwest Airlines passenger started belting out a song

airport gate song viral Southwest AirlinesFACEBOOK

Airport admissions karaoke: The Southwest Airlines flyer dropped the microphone at the end of his song

Before long enough the whole gate was laughing, dancing, cheering and singing along with him. 

His determined song for the spontaneous karaoke performance was 1990s R&B classic No Diggity by Blackstreet. 

The occupying video has gone viral since it was shared online by a fellow voyager. 

It’s been viewed 15 million times on FACEBOOK

Airport passage karaoke: The Southwest Airlines passenger hugged staff after the carrying-on

One viewer wrote: “This is amazing!!” while another rationed: “He is LIVING!!” 

One person said: “There should be more joy at airports have a fondness this!”

Another airport scene that went viral make use ofed a much more negative response — but all was not as it seemed. 

The image, shared online by a companion passenger, showed a mum on her phone with her baby lying on the floor in leading of her. 

Since it was shared, the mum has defended her parenting skills, revealing the truth behind the photo.

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