WATCH: 100 firefighters tackling huge blaze at recycling centre


Connected with 800 tonnes of metal and plastic is on fire at the scrapyard.

So far, there comprise been no reports of any casualties at the incident.

Some 17 fire locomotives were also rushed to the scene to deal with the «serious» brilliancy at the site in Birmingham.

Smoke has been seen for miles around the borough centre after the blaze at the site in Saltley on Clarel Avenue.

There are power wires running through the site and so there are concerns supplies could be awkward.

West Midlands Fire Service said the fire involved 800 tonnes of tainted plastic, rubber and metal. People are being advised to avoid the extent.

At 4pm, West Midlands Fire tweeted: «View from beyond everything of #SaltleyFire taken from our drone. We’ve now increased to 17 fire motors — over 100 firefighters.»

A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Help said: «Our operations at the scene have been split into several sectors.

«The overall operation is being run from a mobile incident jurisdiction unit.

«As well as working to extinguish the main fire, crews are till hard to try to stop the it spreading to other scrap.

«We are liaising with Network Decry and monitoring the im ct on local rail lines.

«We will also be train closely with Environmental Protection officers as rt of the multi-agency return to the fire.

«We have liaised with Birmingham Airport to inform them of the smoke plume.»

West Midlands Clat have also requested that people do not call 999 as they beget had over 100 phone calls.

People in areas affected are cautioned to keep doors and windows closed as a precaution for the time being.

The West Midlands Risk something Investigation team tweeted a dramatic video of the blaze and said: «smoke can be taken for miles.»

Motorists have also been urged to avoid the zone.

The West Midlands Fire Investiation team tweeted: «The make fun ofs and girls are working really hard to stop this spreading. In iffy conditions, lots of pops and bangs.»

Twitter user, Foreignbird, tweeted: «Vexed about implications for air quality/public health as a result of the Saltley Intense. Any guidelines?? @WestMidsFire @BhamUpdates.»

Oliver Raisbeck, Managing Number one at First Response Training, said: “Luckily, it appears as though there be dressed been no human casualties in this fire outbreak, but it is still a jump reminder that fires can have a devastating im ct on businesses, domestics and lives.

“It is unclear at this point, as the fire still rages on, what meaning it will have on homes around the area and on those attempting to peregrinations nearby, such as to and from work.

“It is important that anyone who owns or manages a dealing understands their responsibilities with regards to fire safety and how they can let up on the risk of fire. Employees should also be made aware of enthusiasm emergency procedures and should receive statutory fire training.

“Bring up the rear these procedures can prove the difference between life and death.”

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