‘WASTE of money’ Fury as police drive BBC’s Fiona Bruce to WORK


bbc news police escort fiona bruce bbc latest

The double were stuck in traffic due to a woman’s pensions demonstration in Westminster. (Figure: TWITTER — MARK EASTON)

A technical glitch hit the BBC which put a halt to their abide coverage, so Mr Easton and Ms Bruce were forced to race across London to a backup studio to right now the news.

But they were stuck in traffic due to a woman’s pensions clarification in Westminster.

Mr Easton first posted a picture of himself and Ms Bruce in the break weighing down on of a taxi heading for Millbank Studio at around 5.20pm, saying transportation was “awful” because of a demonstration taking place.

But around nine babies later he posted again, saying: “Now in a police car being escorted completely the demo.

“BBC News is at stake!”

Minutes later he posted again conjecture that “policeman Josh saved the day” and they would make it to oeuvre.

The BBC said in a statement: “Fiona and Mark had to dump the cab because it was stuck in conveyance near a demo in Parliament Square.

“It was gone 5.30pm and time was compelling on so they asked the police nearby for help to get through.

“Spur of the twinkling and police doing the good public service thing!”

But the tweets inspired a furious backlash.

Chief Political Correspondent and Assistant Editor of The Constantly Telegraph, Christopher Hope, said: “Why not get a Tube like everyone else?

bbc news police escort fiona bruce bbc latest

The BBC help were given police escort to Millbank (Image: TWITTER — Identify EASTON)

“Why are the police driving BBC journalists around London?”

Members of the every Tom also blasted the pair on social media.

Ian Steven said: “Graceful sure that is a massive waste of police resources.”

Lauren Alder summed: “Should journalists really be embedded with state security forces when incorporating a ‘demo’?”

bbc news police escort fiona bruce bbc latest

The tweets sparked a furious backlash (Image: TWITTER — MARK EASTON)

Richard Bentall destroyed: “The BBC is now the official government propaganda arm.”

And commenting on the original post, Janet Kearns quipped: “Don’t reproach Andrew Adonis he will somehow make it the fault of Brexit.”

But others did not earmarks of to be outraged and many commented saying they were “relieved” the team up made it.

Billy Tweddell said: “Just waiting for the first yourselves to moan about a waste of police resources!”

The studio in Millbank was unstirred by by the technical glitch which affected OpenMedia, which is a new computer combination being rolled out across BBC News outlets.

At around 3pm, the broadcaster was phoney to run recorded programming on its live news channels.

Express.co.uk contacted the Metropolitan Guard for comment.

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