Washington Orthopedic Practice Confirms Data Security Event


A Washington medical gather practice specializing in orthopedics has notified individuals of a data security issue that might have exposed some of their personal bumf.On 5 October, Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery (“Rebound”) of Vancouver, Washington revealed a statement publicly disclosing an incident that it detected earlier in the year:On May 22, 2018, an strange individual gained access to an employee’s email account. We quickly took movement and notified our IT department of the incident, who prevented any further unauthorized access. We also recollected a computer forensic company and conducted a detailed forensic investigation to select what information may have been accessed.Rebound’s forensic examination revealed that the incident might have affected some individuals’ individual information including their name, date of birth, Social Shelter Number, driver’s license information and limited medical information. The medical practising group found no indications that anyone had attempted to misuse this news, however.Washington Orthopedic Practice Confirms Data Security Event

Washington Orthopedic Practice Confirms Data Security Event

Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery, which operates seven clinics in the Portland and southwest Washington compass, explained in its statement that it implemented employee training and testing, dual-factor authentication, a call for password change policy and additional security measures to prevent a correspond to incident from happening again. The medical group practice also lettered out letters to affected individuals, established a toll-free call center to cure answer victims’ questions and provided information on how affected individuals can arise a fraud alert on their credit reports.“The privacy and protection of disparaging information is a top priority for Rebound, which sincerely regrets any concern or discomfort that this matter may cause,” Rebound stated.This scene highlights the need for organizations in every sector to invest in employee refuge awareness training, especially around the topic of phishing attacks. It also underscores the value of healthcare organizations taking appropriate steps to secure their patients’ electronic medical records (EMRs). Here’s some auspices on how to maintain the security and integrity of EMR systems.

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