Was Rex Tillerson fired over Russia? Tillerson DEFIES White House ‘in solidarity with UK’


Rex Tillerson firedGETTY

Rex Tillerson light a fire under: Donald Trump may have fired the Secretary of State for his Russia standpoint

Rex Tillerson, now the former-US Secretary of State, was dismissed by Donald Trump today in the thick of a growing international row over the nerve agent attack of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia on British defile.

In one of his final acts as the head of US diplomacy, Mr Tillerson spoke with Boris Johnson encircling the poisoning before issuing a strongly-worded statement expressing “full self-reliance” in the UK’s assessment that Russia was likely to be responsible.

His comments contrasted distinctly with the words of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who foreordained the attack and offered sympathy and support to the UK, but pointedly made no reference to imaginable Russian involvement.

Mike Gapes MP asked today why Mr Trump disallowed to take the same hard-line stance on the issue as Mr Tillerson.

The Labour Co-op MP ventured: “It looks as though he used one of his last acts in post to do the right feature and say the right thing about the attempted murders in Salisbury.

“One of the last contrivances he did was make a strong statement of solidarity with the UK. And where is Trump’s communication?

“Normally it takes Trump five minutes to put something out on Twitter – as he did at the sooner of the London terror attacks – and yet it is more than a week since Salisbury and he has utter nothing.

“It is another example of the dysfunction of Trump’s presidency.”

Rex Tillerson firedGETTY

Rex Tillerson, who was today barraged by Donald Trump, pictured with Russian president Vladimir Putin

Another MP registered the blurred lines on the official White House response to the attack recommended the US could not be trusted as a true UK ally – especially after Brexit.

Work MP Stephen Doughty said the President’s “shocking and erratic” behaviour highlighted the risk of relying on underpinning from across the Atlantic.

He said: “Donald Trump simply cannot be detected as a reliable or trustworthy ally of the UK when it comes to standing firm all about Russiaor any of the other challenges we face, yet the Brextremists want to place the later of our economy in his hands.

Rex Tillerson firedGETTY

Rex Tillerson defended the UK last night after the Russian spy deprecation in Salisbury

“Today’s shocking and erratic behaviour by the US President is a reminder of rightful how big a risk Brexit is for the UK’s future.”

Mr Trump acknowledged today the UK government’s acceptance Russia was behind the attack but refused to condemn the country or agree with Prime Divine Theresa May.

He is due to speak with the PM later today.

After dodging the sound out to a press pack outside the White Hosue today, Mr Trump hinted: “It sounds today like it could be Russia.”

He added: “Theresa May is universal to be speaking to me today. It sounds to me like they believe it was Russia and I commitment certainly take that finding as fact.

“As soon as we get the facts outright and we are going to be speaking with the British today, if we agree with them, we intent condemn Russia or whoever it may be.

“But I have not spoken to her, I’ll speak to her some on occasion today.”

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