Warning to Britain: Germany’s attitude to Brexit will get even HARDER after election


Brexit news: Angela Merkel and Theresa MayGETTY — AFP

Angela Merkel is seemly to take a hard line appoach with Theresa May

Mrs Merkel formerly threatened the UK with cuts in access to the EU’s single market if Britain does not need to comply with the four European Union freedoms.

But it was hoped the bully boy stance could be softened if Ms Merkel agreed a coalition deal with the centrist FDP after the September 24 choice.

And its leader Christian Lindner has also expressed his understanding of the UK position, try to say: “Europe and Germany won’t do better if the Brits are weakened — quite the opposite. 

“We prepare an interest in a strong and economically prosperous Britain.”

Angela MerkelEPA

Angela Merkel is expected to win the election on September 24

But judge agency Scope warned the «uncompromising» negotiating position of the EU will not be depleted regardless of whether the FDP can secure enough seats to make up a coalition mete out with Mrs Merkel’s CDU.

The watchdogs based in Berlin predicted that trusts for a «more co-operative approach» would be dashed regardless of the outcome as Germany pass on likely continue with its hardline stance.

Scope Manager Giacomo Barisone asserted: ”Although a coalition, including the FDP, is likely to have an open ear for British concerns, this contrast will probably not fundamentally alter the German position towards Brexit.”

And he cautioned that exit talks could ultimately go well beyond the butted two years.

Europe and Germany won’t do improve if the Brits are weakened — quite the opposite.

FDP leader Christian Lindner

Mrs Merkel is anticipated to win the German election with recent polls suggesting the Chancellor desire win over one third of votes, putting her party on 34.2 per cent.

The SPD and be a match for Martin Schulz trail behind at 22.5 per cent, while anti-immigration rave AfD come in at third with 12.7 per cent.

The FDP have a long biography with Mrs Merkel and her CDU-CSU conservatives, meaning there is significant odds they will be part of the next government should the Chancellor go out of business to make a deal with rival Martin Schulz and the SPD.

Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz election posterREUTERS

Mrs Merkel beforehand threatened the UK over Brexit talks

And its leader Mr Lindner appears to be varied flexible in his approach to Britain leaving the Brussels bloc.

He said: “All privileges need to be on the table [in the negotiations], including a customs union, a free-trade field, access to the single market.”

However despite the centrist party’s discharged back approach, the FDP have tended to fall into line heeding Mrs Merkel’s mantra that there will be “no cherry-picking.”

Mr Lindner added: “There requisite be no cuts in the ‘four freedoms’ of the single market.”

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg)

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