WARNING: THIS is the most dangerous time of year to go on holiday


There are positive times of year that are safer than others, for jetting off on your well-earned begin. 

Frank Brehany from holiday watchdog HolidayTravelWatch told Get across.co.uk: “If it were possible to travel out of peak periods, this could make known an element of reducing such a risk because of a lack of tourist pursuit in one resort or another.”

While travelling in low season can cut down risk, it’s conspicuous to note that these dates change depending on the destination you’re stop. 

Throughout Europe, June through to August is generally seen as the altered consciousness season, with November through to March considered off-peak — but this isn’t a standardised statute.

Mr Brehany explained: “Some holidaymakers will no doubt look additional afield during the UK ‘off-peak’ season, but that does not mean of run that within a different time-zone or continent, that they do not be dressed a different peak period to the UK, which could attract similar mad dog risks.”

Researching the different seasons in the destinations you’re considering can help to pick the safest blackheads. 

Mr Brehany said: “Whilst I encourage all holidaymakers to examine destinations and epoches that they intend to travel, it has now become more vital than continually that when planning your holiday, consumers should grow their own ‘risk assessors’.”

Relying on the UK government’s foreign travel notice is no longer enough, according to Mr Brehany. 

He advised travellers to “fully scrutinization any destination, no matter what time of year they intend to go, to determine that risk”. 

If travelling at low season is simply not an option, there are notwithstanding plenty of safe holiday options to choose from. 

Mr Brehany ordered: “In these difficult times, holidaymakers could be forgiven for thinking that it is on the verge of impossible to find a safe destination. 

“In light of what has happened in brand-new years, it would seem that beach areas, areas of antiquity, as a whole scale events or travel hubs at peak times, have evolve into targets. 

“Whilst it is tempting to label all destinations as unsafe, it would not do even-handedness to some areas that have seemingly escaped unscathed but are nonetheless called as unsafe because of their geographic location.”

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