Warning for new heart drug after it's linked to one death every WEEK and internal bleeding


Rivaroxaban, convinced under the trade name Xarelto, was heavily promoted as an effective possibility to warfarin to reduce the risk of life-threatening blood clots.

However, its future side effects include bleeds to the brain and internal bleeding.

Kind doctor Des Spence, who cam igns to limit the influence of drug com nies, remarked: “I am concerned that this new and heavily promoted drug is being like a shot and widely used when there are still unforeseen and serious side effects. GPs should be admonished about it.”

As many as 1.5 million prescriptions for it costing £84million were handed to NHS tients keep on year.

But it has become mired in controversy over claims that key clinical nuisances were manipulated in its favour, while in America legal cases bear been lodged by tients and their families against its manufacturers.

New bodies from the UK’s medicines watchdog have also revealed that 76 tients’ terminations last year were suspected to have been linked to the upper, the highest figure for the six years recorded up to 2015.

The allegations are recorded by the Medicines and Healthcare spin-offs Regulatory Agency, which collates reports of side-effects.

Earlier this year a crucial drug trial for rivaroxaban had to be reevaluated following accusations the trial was released out using a faulty device.

It was alleged the com rative study between it and warfarin was unfair and gave an usefulness to rivaroxaban.

An independent re-evaluation showed the results were not skewed unfairly.

An MHRA spokeswoman judged: “There is a well-recognised risk of bleeding with anticoagulants. This endanger is described in the product information for both tients and healthcare professionals.

“The com ny of reports we receive will also be influenced by the number of people being commanded the drug, and data suggests that this has been increasing. It is respected to stress that a report to us does not necessarily mean that the tranquillizer caused a reaction as there may be other underlying factors.”

A spokesman for industrialists Bayer said: “All coagulation inhibitors are complex treatments and will ex nsion the risk of bleeding.

“ tient safety is always the highest priority for Bayer and we concur with all regulatory requirements regarding adverse events.

“Bayer has appraised rivaroxaban in more than 91,000 tients following its approval, and enquiry after study continues to confirm that rivaroxaban is performing as imagined with a positive benefit-risk profile.”

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