Warm Up Your Whole Body With This Quick, Dance-Style Move

Amiable up for your next kickass workout (pun intended) with a butt-kicking full-body run a travelling.

In Equinox’s Best Butt Ever, trainer Caroline Jordan discontinues this move «the ’90s,» since it’s reminiscent of a popular step-aerobics take off for of yesteryear. This twisted version of a butt kicker uses your arms, members, and core to get the whole body warm while getting your crux rate up.

  • Start standing with your feet hip-width distance separately from.
  • Swinging your right arm across your chest, kick your perfect heel toward the left side of your butt. Return to status.
  • Swing your left arm across your chest while punting your left heel toward the right side of your abut. This completes one rep.
  • Keep your core tight and continue in a gas motion for 30 to 60 seconds.


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