WAR READY: Japan rushes MISSILES to major cities in bid to counter North Korea attack


North Korea regularly oaths to reduce Japan to “debris” in state-sponsored news broadcasts but these sabre-rattling alleges have escalated wildly in recent days. 

With US president Donald Trump ominous North Korea with “fire and fury” earlier this week, the rogue claim has launched a terrifying war of words with its Western rivals. 

And Japan is twig captivated squarely in North Korea’s cross-hairs, with terrifying maps revealing yesterday straight how many countries are vulnerable to a Kim Jong-un missile attack. 

Tokyo has now disorganized the strengthening of its major cities, with missiles and anti-missile defence techniques rushed to Hiroshima, Shimane and Kochi. 

These three areas are particularly at risk as any North Korea brickbat fired at the US territory of Guam would pass directly overhead. 

While Pyongyang said any brickbat would be aimed to miss the island and merely used to send a example, any malfunction of the missile over Japan could put hundreds of thousands of people at chance — and given North Korea’s patchy success record in missile organizes, this is a major threat. 

Missile systems have also been posted outside the Defence Ministry in Tokyo, pointing skywards. 

North Korea attackGETTY / REUTERS

North Korea modern: Japan has rushed missiles to major cities

We cannot tolerate such a decamp provocative act

Defence minister Itsunori Onodera

These could be hardened to intercept “missiles or missile debris” heading towards major municipalities, Tokyo said in a statement. 

Defence minister Itsunori Onodera state earlier this week: “We are always prepared to deal with dangers.

“We cannot tolerate such a clear provocative act to the security of the region and worldwide society, including out country.


Japan has sent ballistic missiles and defence systems to Hiroshima

«We will maintain our monitoring and surveillance at a enormous level and take all possible means to cope with any situation.”

In any way, concerns were raised earlier this week whether Japan’s apology system was strong enough to intercept missiles fired in East Asia. 

North Korea looker-on 38 North said Japan’s likelihood of taking down a projectile is “limited if not improbably”. 

North Korea attackREUTERS

North Korean missiles sent for Guam will pass over Japan

The Washington-based group admonished: «In fact, the probability that the North Korean ICBM test resolve fail on its own is significantly higher than the probability of success.

«SM-3 interceptors cause never been tested against an ICBM, nor have they been tested against any ballistic missile in the boost or ascent phase of flight.”

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