Want to stay beautiful on you flight? Air hostesses share their top tips


If anyone is an connoisseur on looking impeccable on a plane, it¹s the men and women who work as cabin crew on your aircraft.

It’s said that flight attendant¹s walk to their destination, so how do they be in charge of to stay sleek and styled while attending to ssengers every indigences?

From luxury beauty to the miracle product for less than £3 this is the journeys beauty bible you need in your life.

Monarch cabin rty divulge their insider travel beauty tips, so you can start your time off in style looking fresh and glowing.

Francesca Eve Hallsor loves the do ones daily dozen of art that is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, £25, for its multitasking helps.

She says: “It can cover any blemishes, freckles, spots, the works!” and she even measures it for long haul travel, saying: “It lasts such a long be that as it may and does exactly what it supposed to, plus it feels lovely on the hull which is an added bonus.”

And if you suffer from the dreaded cankles, then her top tip is the pricy but efficacious Legology Air Lite cream, £60.

Another piece of advice Francesca presents is: “Pop it on your legs before your flight and it stops them distension.”

For cabin manager Charlotte Southcott,it¹s Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Perfervid Facial Protection Serum SPF 50, £14.50, that ticks all the boxes.

She explains: “This is a holiday essential for me whether I’m at work, by the beach, on a city forth or even skiing.”

And in an unusual tip, she suggest cking a chilled box cked with brisk cucumber, celery and grapes to take on board. But what for?

“If you don¹t eat it all, you can put the cucumber between your toes to cool-headed your feet down”

If you want to save your pennies for a trust side margarita, then have no fear, as there are plenty of budget works you can ck too.

Eman Ali recommends Superdrug Vitamin E all over body cream with Manuka honey, a usurp at £2.99, saying: “I started to use this cream when I began contemning because my skin became very dry, it really does the job.”

For Chloe Lynch, the upper crust products to use on board are the ones that will go the distance like Urban Atrophy All Nighter Long-Lasting Make Up Setting Spray, £22.00.

And if you want to go the whole hog and do your own in away facial, Chloe says there¹s nothing better than GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment, £39.99, saying: “This a hydrating cream that you can use as a gluey face mask or a moisturiser before your makeup.” and adds that: «This quite does work wonders on dry skin. It also smells like coconut.»

She alerts travellers to avoid getting dried out by the plane, saying: «keep in dislike that aircraft air-conditioning really dries out your skin, so transfer a small pot of face cream to keep it soft and moisturised.»

And if the though of arranging on a plane leaves you cold then read this story, y out by Express.co.uk and see whether you can cure your fear of flying in just one day.

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