Want to go on a GOLD hunt? Scientists believe treasure is STILL hidden in these places


Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesGETTY

Indiana Jones scarf a place in our hearts through his quests to uncover lost treasure

From Captain Pinch to Indiana Jones, some of the most celebrated characters have stolen a get ahead in our hearts through their quests to uncover lost treasure.

Whether it’s for the brave spirit of adventure or thought of discovering the unknown, the hunt for hidden riches feels to be a timeless theme.

While children and adults alike are thrilled by the gags of treasure hunts, they are largely accepted as simply fantasy and fiction uncommunicative for escapism only.

But hidden treasure doesn’t only exist in storybooks.

In fact, scientists believe there are some lost wealths yet to be discovered in real life.

Throughout the centuries, adventurers, royals and copious families have come across items of enormous financial value.

Warfare, superstitions and other hazards are said to have made them want to hide their cherishes, with the intention of retrieving them at a later and safer time.

But as the myths go, that time never eventuated. From priceless hidden Nazi wins to cold, hard cash from the mining boom – here are the places scientists believe still hold real treasure.

Flor do Mar replica in Malaysia GETTY

Flor Do Mar duplication in Malaysia: The Portuguese ship was the largest sailing ship built in its day

The Flor Do Mar – Malacca Confining, Malaysia

Named ‘The Flower of the Sea’, The Flor Do Mar was the largest sailing ship built in its day – the 16th Century. While deemed ominously unseaworthy, the ship was the pride of the Portuguese fleet due to its sheer size.

The ship was tasked with broadcasting the vast fortune taken from the King of Siam home to Portugal when it is have the courage of ones convictions pretended to have been caught in a huge storm on the strait of Malacca. The shipwreck has at no time been discovered, though it is believed to be holding over sixty tonnes of gold.

Lake Toplitz, Austria GETTY

Lake Toplitz from day one served as a Nazi Naval testing station

Lake Toplitz Riches – Austria

Situated in the dense forest of the Austrian Alps, Lake Toplitz from the outset served as a Nazi Naval testing station. But as allied forces ahead of time during the end of WWII, retreating Nazi soldiers plunged their valuables into the lake.

The enforce contents of the boxes are unknown, but experts infer there could be gold, hollowware and priceless pieces of art lying at the bottom of the lake. Excavaters have erect attempts to recover them however there are three large tree boles midway through the lake which have rendered them unproductive.

Faberge eggsGETTY

Reportedly, 52 extravagantly crafted and jewelled eggs were amidst the confiscated treasure

Lost Faberge Eggs – Russia

In 1917, the Grand Rovanov family was taken from power violently by Russian Bolsheviks and the prizes of the Czar’s family were then confiscated.

Reportedly, 52 extravagantly crafted and gemmed eggs were among them.

Their valuables and the eggs were meant to be entranced to the Kremlin, but eight of them went missing in transit and to this day be there unaccounted for…

Beale persNC

Rather than making a run with the money, Beale recorded three ciphers

Bedford County Cash – Virginia, America

Be consistent to the legend, a man named Thomas Beale and his travel comrades happened upon a titanic sum of silver and gold while mining in the Rocky Mountains. Reportedly, the sum is estimated to equate to decent shy of 50 million pounds today.

Rather than making a run with the affluent, Beale wrote three ciphers, which revealed the location of the value, what it consisted of, and the men it should go to along with their next of kin.

As the article goes, Beale entrusted the ciphers to a man named Robert Morriss, with instruction to generous it in 10 years’ time with a key that would be mailed to him. But the key not in any way arrived, and the men could only decode two of the three ciphers – not the location.

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