Waitrose to ban paper coffee cups in move shoppers brand a ‘marketing scoop’


Waitrose coffee was in the same instant free for customers, but now only those who spend in the store and bring their own cups intent be able to have the hot drink.
In a move that some have criticised on Peep, Waitrose announced: “We’re removing all disposable takeaway cups from our inform ons by the autumn.
“You can still enjoy a free hot drink when you shop with us; reminisce over to bring your own reusable cup and your myWaitrose card with you. #KeepYourCup.”
This is part of the gyve’s move to reduce plastic use in their stores. While some are beneficial with the noble cause, which should help the environment, others were not thrilled.
Experts have supported the move. Martin Lane, Managing Collector of money.co.uk comments: “This move may cause a mild inconvenience to some devoted Waitrose customers, but it’s a really positive change for the retailer to be more environmentally kindly and boost awareness of our planets plastic problem.
“This infamous freebie has transform into a firm favourite within stores, but now you’ll have to remember to bring your own container or thermos with you. Pay up customers can still get free tea and coffee so long as they buy something and do their own cup.”
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Waitrose news: Coffee limited to customers with reusable cups

One Trill user said: “Marketing scoop of the year. Look like you’re thrifty the planet whilst at the same time stopping everybody not organised to advance a earn a cup from having a free coffee.
“Usage from machines and cafes limits drastically = more profit. Nice move!”
Another sceptical collective media user said: “You’re determined to get rid of the free coffee aren’t you? Too in for you?
“Who walks around with a cup just in case they want a hooch?”
Another added: “That will save them a fortune!!”
Waitrose communiqu: Coffee limited to customers with reusable cupsWAITROSE/TWITTER
Waitrose newsflash: Coffee was once free for customers but now you have to bring you own cupHowever, myriad more were very pleased with the move and praised the series. One wrote: “Well done! I’ve used my own plastic cup for a couple of years now. Can you amuse look at removing plastic veggie wrapping & bags next.”
Another alleged: “That’s great news, how about cup washing facilities too and replacing fictile bags with paper bags like they’ve used in the alleges for years.
“Most shoppers just use bags to get to and from cars in the UK now, mournfully from an environmental viewpoint.”
The Green Education Foundation, who aim to help father a sustainable planet, claim that only 7 per cent of plastic destroy is recycled.
It advised giving up straws, using a reusable bag for your seeking, giving up chewing gum and taking a reusable mug or cup for your coffee.

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A shopper used their phone to photograph the mother-of-two to Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two.
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Marks and Spencer charged £37.83 for the basket, while Waitrose was marginally assorted expensive at £37.99.

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