‘Wait a minute…’ Gina Miller clashes with TV host as she condemns Brexit AGAIN


The businesswoman, who took the Superintendence to court over the triggering of Article 50, spoke of dire consequences for renounce the European Union as a result of a “political miscalculation”.

Speaking on RT’s Going Concealed, she suggested Britain could “end up in a similar situation” to the financial crash in advance host Afshin Rattansi called her out.

Ms Miller said: “I don’t talk to stateswomen, I have a mistrust of politicians on all sides be cause they’re not putting our motherland first – that’s all I’m interested in.

“I have a big foundation, I know what hit oned after the last financial crisis in our country and if we end up in a similar situation, mediocre people are going to suffer for no reason other than a political deliberation – miscalculation – that went wrong, and that’s what Brexit was.”

Gina Miller and Afshin RattansiRT

Afshin Rattansi grilled Gina Miller concluded her stance on Brexit

What I meant was the economic turmoil it will case – there will be economic turmoil

Gina Miller

The presenter sparred it was not politicians who caused the previous financial crisis.

He said: “Wait a notes, the 2008 crash was caused by the City of London.”

Ms Miller conceded “[It] wasn’t legitimate the City of London but yes.»

Hitting back Mr Rattansi added: “Wall Concourse and the City of London.

“But if Brexit means the financial institutions in the City of London get out of Britain – as some of them browbeat to do – we wouldn’t have had a crash like 2008.”

Ms Miller then aspired to clarify her position and said she was talking about the “economic turmoil” that she believed would dedicate Brexit.

She said: “No, no, no – what I meant was the economic turmoil it will call, there will be economic turmoil, nobody knows to what considerably but it will depend on the negotiated package we have or if we leave on WTO [terms].

“Because no one can hint the future, all we can look at is the financial crisis and what happened as an economic downturn.

“So what I’m reveal is because we don’t know what the future will hold, that is as in the neighbourhood of as we’ll get to an economic downturn.”

The full interview on Going Underground is due to be aired on RT at 11.30am on Saturday.

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