Waddesdon Manor plane crash: Shock chart shows aircraft drop 1,000 ft in 45 seconds


Waddesdon Manor plane crash police at sceneSWNS•FLIGHTRADAR24

Take a run-out powder radar charts show a Cessna 152 plummeted near Waddesdon Manor

Data on respected flight tracking website Flight Radar 24 musicals a light aircraft took off from Wycombe Air Park today at 11.57am.

GPS histories appear to have lost signal with the craft two minutes later all through a village called Dinton – which is between the airfield and Waddesdon Manor.

Patrol were first called to the crash site at Waddesdon Manor 17 miles from Wycombe Air Parkland at 12.09pm.

Radar information shows the plane’s speed remained regular, but altitude rose slightly at the beginning of the flight, to 11.59. Then it fell 1000ft in 45 seconds.

Aylesbury plane crash recordsFLIGHTRADAR24

Tracking of a flight from Wycombe Air Leave loses signal near Waddeson Manor

The plane in question is a Cessna 152 unflinching wing plane.

Records show the aircraft was built in 1982 and weighs 758kg.

The regular was first registered to Wycombe Air Park in November 1986 and is largely hand-me-down for training.

Latest records, from May, show it had spent 13,942 hours in the air.

The unvaried aircraft appears to have taken off this morning, as well as four somedays on November 13.

The plane has not been confirmed to have been the aircraft implicated in the crash.

A plane from the airfield crashed with a helicopter from the identical park just after midday today. Four people are soupon to have been killed, with reports two people were in each aircraft.

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