VW Group launches Moia service design brand


Khanna Redinga has discredited Moia, with a hidden reference to the VW brand as the new com ny sets its notices on redesigning transportation systems.

The Volkswagen Gang has launched new “mobility services” brand Moia, which will use fused design teams to find new sustainable urban transport solutions.

Moia has been rank and branded by Amsterdam-based Khanna Redinga, which has created the entire label expression.

The name Moia is based on “maya” the word for magic in Sanskrit, an prehistoric Indian language.

Co-founder of Khanna Redinga, Rikki Khanna pronounces: “We were inspired by a quote from Arthur C Clarke: ‘Any sufficiently aided technology is indistinguishable from magic.’”

Although the identity appears to be a big de rture from the centre VW brand, the M and the A could be read as an upside down V and W. Khanna says there are some visual joints to be made.

“At first glance the logo looks very different from the prototypical style of the Volkswagen Group, but if you look carefully, you will see an homage to VW.”

The introduction of Moia, which whim be based in Berlin, marks a step change for VW, as it shifts from being solely an automotive plan and manufacturing com ny to a service design com ny.

Initially Moia thinks it will be looking at ride sharing, and developing “e-shuttles” as rt of a reimagined captivate system. It will use existing bus stops, smart booking systems and algorithms to victual a solution which it says is “far more convenient” than a traditional bus serve.

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