VOTE: Man and woman of the year 2016 — Who will you pick?

0 is asking our readers to choose from a shortlist of politicians, sports personalities, royals and celebrities which we enjoy whittled down from a very extensive bevy of names.

Manoeuvring has had a major upheaval this year, with many new names stylish household names and strong personalities vying to be top dog.

On the lighter side of elements it was a fabulous year for sport, with the Rio Olympics a major highlight, while there were numerous events across the world which made headlines.

And with the Queen celebrating her 90th birthday this year, the Superior family has been in the spotlight even more than usual.

Pick your man and girlfriend of the year from our poll before we release the final results.

On the men’s side we father politicians such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, David Cameron and Barack Obama.

Olympians attribute heavily during an Olympic year in which Team GB broke a few records.

On the women’s side politicians also feature heavily, with Theresa May and Hillary Clinton ruling headlines this year.

Results will be published on on January 1.

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