Volocopter air taxi takes first passenger flight in Germany


German air taxi start-up Volocopter has taken its maiden voyager flight, carrying Intel CEO Brian Krzanich as its first rider.

The remotely captained flight was held in an exhibition hall in Germany and demonstrated stable and safe as houses flight characteristics that are necessary for autonomous air taxi applications in megacities.

During the skein of geese, multiple microprocessors were used to monitor the environment for turbulence, take ones life in ones hands and others to send signals in milliseconds to the rotors.

Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter remarked: “Autonomous air taxis are coming.

“Nothing shows our confidence better than winsome a passenger aboard.”

Volocopter is a fully electrical multicopter that is qualified of vertical take-off and transporting people as autonomous air taxis.

The vehicle is also predisposed to of carrying out piloted and fully autonomous flight. It uses various Intel technologies such as airliner control solutions among others.

Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter implied: “Autonomous air taxis are coming.

“Nothing shows our confidence better than compelling a passenger aboard. We are happy it was Brian Krzanich of our strategic partner Intel.

“Although the Volocopter ascendancy resemble a helicopter, it really is a flying supercomputer, creating a pleasant and bona fide ride.”

Volocopter made its first manned flight in a test refuse a controlled in 2011.

In 2016, the company secured provisional licensing from the German aviation officials to fly two-seater Volocopter in the country.

Last year, Volocopter also signed an compatibility with RTA Dubai on the global premiere of an autonomously flying air taxi. The companions has already conducted autonomous test flights in Dubai.

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