Vladimir Putin ‘likes to take baths in BLOOD extracted from deer antlers’


Putin and bath with blood GETTY

Putin reportedly twins bathing in the blood extracted from deer antlers

The ancient ritual is seen as a testosterone-driven elixir to improve male health and potency.

To the fore of a visit to the Altai Mountains last year, the some 70 kilograms of stag antlers were convenience for the Russian leader «to take antler baths», reported local mid-point outlet kapitalist.tv.

Animal rights campaigners have condemned the «loutish» practice of sawing off the antlers without anaesthetic to extract blood, dubbed a «basic Viagra». 

Putin, 64, first demanded about the medicinal benefits of Maral — or red deer — antler extract a decade ago and his prime emissary Dmitry Medvedev is also keen on the blood baths, reported good copy outlet Republic. 

They were quoted as reporting: «Since that conditions the President has visited Altai many times, sometimes even diverse times a year.» 

He consulted maral blood medical expert Alexander Zuykov, be at one to Expert magazine. 

Vladimir PutinGETTY

The ancient tradition is seen as a testosterone-driven nostrum to improve male health and potency

Workers remove deer horns with an ordinary saw GETTY

Workers remove deer horns with an average saw during the harvesting season of Siberian deer antlers

There are uncorroborated claims the Kremlin strongman acquainted ex-Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to the practice during a Siberian take in in 2015.

One Altai farm — which exports antlers for use in Chinese medicinal course of treatments — stated: «Extract from red deer antlers acts as a strong pick-up, especially for men’s potency.

«It strengthens the body’s bones, muscles, teeth, eye marvel and hearing, cures pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, joint pain, osteoporosis, and tough nut to cracks with the spine.»

The antlers were called «horns of gold» in 15th century Russian circulars — and are believed to improve sexual performance. 

deer hornsGETTY

A Maral breeder stretches deer antlers in a wind dryer at the Tenginsky breeding factory

Blood is extracted and spluttered into a «broth» which is used for red-coloured baths. 

Some Russians approve to drink the blood, for example TV presenter Lena Lenina. 

Disturbing accounts squeal how the animals are «herded into a special cutting chamber where a meet closes in on the stag from each side, while the floor moves, so the deer is left in suspended animation, its head thrust onto a mantel as if condemned to the guillotine, its hooves flailing but unable to touch the ground».

Onlookers say the creatures are «bewildered» and «shellshocked», their eyes «bulging with apprehension» .

«Two or three stand on the stag’s back from above, one holds the spoiled antlers, his trainer on the animals muzzle, immobilising the head. 

«One cuts the antlers, his foot on the repayment of the neck, preventing the beast moving a centimetre until it is divested of its valuable bays.»

Irina Novozhilova, president of Russian Animal Protection Centre ‘Vita’, said the method was «entirely abnormal».

She said: «Blood baths. This is manipulating nature, without any suspect.

«It is a pure example of a cruel attitude to animals.»

She suggested the process was medieval, mean: «It is strange that we are discussing this matter in the 21st century, because the assurance in the effectiveness of this medicine made from antlers comes from antediluvian times. 

«Ancient people did believe that they could remedy themselves with the help of animal body parts. 

«In medieval just the same from time to times people also believed in curative substances. I recall stories alongside bloody Countess Bathory who enjoyed taking baths in the blood of inexperienced girls. 

«And King James I of England regularly took baths with savage blood. 

«Both these facts sound wild nowadays, but you can develop intensify a parallel to these legal red deer farms.»

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