VistaJet founder Thomas Flohr launches new business aviation firm


Founder of business aviation Pty VistaJet Thomas Flohr has launched a new aviation firm, Vista Extensive, to serve the business aviation market.

Headquartered at Dubai International Fiscal Centre (DIFC) in UAE, Vista Global aims to consolidate the fragmented question aviation sector.

The newly formed company is backed by a further $200m investment from sneakily equity firm Rhône Group.

Vista Global will consist of three troops, the existing VistaJet unit, a new aircraft leasing and financing company Vista Sublease out, and a technology firm TechX to provide end-to-end aviation solutions for both consumers and operators.

Flohr said: “Vista Global has been my vision on any occasion since I started VistaJet in 2004. I wanted to create something in fact new, something that would industrialise and consolidate the fragmented business aviation exchange across the entire range of flight service offerings.

“It is a historic instant for aviation and is the first of its kind.

“Vista Global is unrivalled in its service to extend all clients the full range of business aviation services on a global graduation – flights, technology, finance.”

“Vista Global is unrivalled in its service to proffer all clients the full range of business aviation services on a global progression – flights, technology, finance.”

In addition, Vista Global will clear its flight service offerings from VistaJet, which currently goes a fleet of more than 70 business jets.

Established in 2004, VistaJet periods on a business model that allows customers to pay only for the hours they fly, and nourish the customers free from any other responsibilities and asset risk coupled to aircraft ownership.

Vista Global’s new aircraft leasing and financing arm, Vista Sublet, is expected to begin operations next year.

Vista Lease wishes hold options for several Global 7500 aircraft, as well as act as the predominant buyer in the pre-owned segment and provide its inventory for lease directly to its purchasers.

Vista Global’s TechX unit will employ 50 technology artistes to develop and further improve existing proprietary technology.

The company is surmised to develop end-to-end services for companies to find customers, manage bookings, pursue flights and plan trips directly with operators, in a single dais.

Vista Global plans to expand its fleet over the next three years to advance improve its current global coverage and infrastructure.

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