Virgin set to return to Australia after four-year hiatus


He suggested the airline will fly from London to Melbourne and Sydney via Hong Kong or Los Angeles, because ofs to a code-sharing agreement with its sister airline Virgin Australia.

Decisive week Virgin Atlantic unveiled plans to offer three sundry types of economy fares as part of a £300million investment, which want also see it rebrand Premium Economy as Premium.

Later this vault, passengers that need the extra space will be able to fly in Thrift Delight, which will offer 34 inches of legroom related to the standard 31 inches, as well as priority boarding and advance abode assignment.

Virgin will also offer Economy Light, a low-cost get on that does not allow checked-in luggage or seat choice.

The tickets are non-refundable and you cannot transform the dates you fly.

Economy Classic will replace the current Standard Conciseness ticket.

Elsewhere, the Government is set to launch its passenger protections review in the wake of the break down of Monarch, which could come as early as this week.

The Be sure of of Transport’s review will publish its terms of reference into airline insolvency line-ups and the “uneven” passenger protections available.

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