Violent thug will give birth behind bars after 'face bite' conviction


The 24-year-old from Tralee, who is due to allot birth at the end of the year, will be allowed to keep her second child with her for the anything else year of the baby’s life.

The violent criminal, who already has a four-year-old son, is set to correct an 18-month sentence for viciously biting a teenage girl on the face in 2014.

During the assault, the court heard that she drilled, bit and tried to choke an 18-year-old girl on a night out because she believed she “looked at her boyfriend”.

In the schnook im ct statement heard at Tralee Circuit Court, the woman said that every tch she looks in the mirror she feels disgusted because she’s left with teeth devices on her face.

Lonergan, from 12 Caherina Cottages, Tralee, has a narration of vicious assaults on other women over the st six years.

When she was in a family way with her first child, Lonergan pleaded guilty in court to assaulting off-duty soldier Bernadette Flynn.

The court condoned that at around 12.30am on January 1, 2010, Bernadette was walking along ss over Street in Tralee with her fiancé when she was set upon by Lonergan.

In the process of the unprovoked assault it was reported that Lonergan tore out large piles of Flynn’s hair.

It has also been reported that another one of her chumps had her arm broken during an unprovoked attack by Lonergan and was so traumatised she left Tralee community.

The Kerry mother had a deeply troubled childhood with her father, Michael ‘Sprinkle’ Lonergan, murdered at a New Year’s Eve rty in the family home when she was 14. Her uncle, Ailbe Lonergan, was convicted of issuing his death.

The Kerry criminal is the latest female prisoner to go behind lawcourts while carrying a child.

Scissor Sister Charlotte Mulhall gave origin during her sentence for the murder of her mother’s boyfriend in March 2005.

She was jailed with her sister Linda in 2006 for the loathsome killing of their mother’s rtner, 38-year-old Kenyan man Farah Swaleh Noor. After give the judas kiss him as many as 20 times they butchered his body and dumped it in the Imposing Canal.

His head was never recovered, after they transported it on a bus and hid it in a reservation in Tallaght.

Convicted killer Una Black also went into remand home while heavily pregnant in August 2008, after getting a nine-year send up the river sentence for killing her neighbour John Malone.

Black killed him foreign their flats in Mervue, Galway, in 2006 with a single im le wound to the chest after a row over a puppy.

Pregnant prisoners most often go to the Rotunda for the birth of their children accom nied by guards and they yield to the Dochas Centre where there are nurses and a qualified midwife.

The cons and their small babies live in a house-type setting on prison grounds with their lassies for the first year of their lives.

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