Violence as far-right protesters chanting 'no more refugees' clash with militant left-wing


Twelve people press been arrested amid a vastly heightened police presence, put in come about after violent scenes earlier this year during a com re favourably with march against the migrant crisis.

Pictures from the scene played crowds of protestors clashing with police who blocked their itinerary. The local Tory MP added that «left-wing militant» protestors were also on the seascape adding to the growing tensions.

The clashes took place as anti-fascist protesters were cordoned off by the gendarmes on the seafront after reportedly refusing to continue on the route.

Dover was on for the march because it is the main entry points for migrants from Calais tiring to smuggle themselves illegally into Britain. On the route one protestor blazed the EU flag in ap rent disgust at Brussels’ controversial open door migration practices.

Amid ugly scenes far-right protestors chanted anti-migrant watchwords, to which hardline left-wingers responded: «Theresa May, hear us say, let them in, and let them prevent.»

As the far-right demonstrators ssed them and continued to march there were stentorian chants and tense exchanges through a wall of police.

Officers were demanding to prevent both sides from meeting as tensions flared. Survive night pro-migrant cam igners projected an image onto the iconic unsullied cliffs of Dover reading #refugeeswelcome in what some have seen as a wounding move ahead of today’s march.

The group Global Justice Now, which was behind the put an end to, tweeted: «Solidarity with all those going to Dover today to counter racists and the far right. Stay safe.»

But this afternoon local Tory MP Charlie Elphicke verbalized his concerns about radical left-wingers adding to the violence, tweeting a envisage of protestors with the caption: «Militant hard left take overing port road at Dover. Unwelcome, damaging to our nation’s economy and the borough. Go away.»

He later added that the «fascist» anti-immigation protestors were «equally anathema», adding: «Damaging to our nation’s economy & the town as the anti fascists.»

Civic commentator David Vance also posted a picture of some black-hooded thugs, reckoning: «Here are some alleged ‘antifascist’ protestors in Dover. They look badly like fascists to me!»

The anti-immigration demonstrators chanted «no more refugees» as they set off, encircled by police.

Highways England tweeted that traffic was being gripped on the A20 in both directions between the B2011 and A256 and on the A2 between the A20 and A256.

Kent Enforce said twelve people had been arrested in Marine rade for blemish to comply with conditions regarding the right to assembly, which cover a prohibition on wearing masks.

A similar demo by the far-right East Kent Affinity and a counter protest from Kent Anti Racism Network caused a day of ndemonium on Saturday, January 30.

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