Vince Cable: I love skiing and driving fast cars


Sir Vince Rope has revealed he likes to engage in «dangerous, edgy» sports and misses the move he got as a minister road-testing fast cars.

The 74-year-old ex-business secretary, tucker known up to now for his love of ballroom dancing, said he also had a fondness for «peak energy» pursuits.

Having taken up skiing 11 years ago, he reported he would like to attempt an arduous «black run» down the slopes.

A funereal run is considered highly testing, even for elite skiers.

Sir Vince became the time-worn leader of a major political party for more than 50 years when he was elected unopposed in July.

When questioned on what he does to relax during a question and answer session at the Lib Dem colloquy in Bournemouth, Sir Vince said: «I love slightly dangerous things. Elevated energy, edgy things.

«I learned to ski when I was 63, which is a bit dicky. But I go off once a year to the place where the Russian mafia assemble in the Alps, and go out on the angles.

«I’ve got into red runs. One of my unfulfilled life ambitions is to do serious black runs. So, you comprehend, a bit of danger, a bit of speed.»

He confided that since his five years in the advisors as business secretary had enabled him to indulge his fondness for driving high-performance amusements cars.

«The thing that, actually, I miss more than anything else is the adrenaline I got when I hardened to go off visiting car companies and they would allow me to drive their quickest cars.»

Sir Vince, who appeared in a Christmas edition of Strictly Come Hoof iting, also said he loved to read and write books.

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