Vikings season 5 episode 16: Bjorn set for unexpected alliance to take down Ivar?


Vikings recently pressed a promo for episode 16 of season five which looked assisting the upcoming clashes between Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) and Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen).

But in the past Bjorn charges headfirst into a battle against Ivar, he is in dire necessary of an army.

The promo for episode 16 – The Buddha – sees Bjorn broadcast once again he is looking to claim Kattegat.

After ominously auguring: “I want to take Kattegatt back from Ivar,” Bjorn can be seen visiting an inappropriate third-party.

Viewers will see him standing before King Harald (Peter Franzén), in all likelihood asking for help.

Harald greets the warrior by saying: “Bjorn Ironside, how exultant I am to see you,” which could hint at his agreement to the upcoming deal.

Although Harald has not been the scad trustworthy character in the show so far.

Could this alliance bring an untimely end to Bjorn after the join eventually take over Kattegat?

With no power behind him, Bjorn offs himself vulnerable to further attacks from Harald – but could Bjorn force something up his sleeve?

Later on in the trailer Bjorn can also be seen battling to deal with the disappearance of his mother.

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) was final seen mourning the death of Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers).

After her ardent display on the battlefield, she seemingly vanished, leaving Bjorn alone.

Preposterous whether his mother is still alive, Bjorn can be seen saying: “My mom was wounded and she vanished. I need to know if her disappearance was of her own making.”

Although fiends will be sure that Lagertha is not yet dead, as she is a major character in the epic fable show.

But could her disappearance spell an impending sneak-attack against Harald after his breaks killed Heahmund?

If Lagertha is determined to take down Harald, she could threaten her son Bjorn during their alliance to destroy Ivar.

But with Harald and Ivar now toil against each other, the war maiden now has the opportunity to join forces with Ivar at the same time again.

Lagertha actor Katheryn recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly roughly losing Heahmund.

She explained: “He’s just such a talented actor, and such a Neptunes actor and a complex person.

“And he’s somebody who, his character also has a dark side, and a damned philosophical mind and questioning his fate and questioning the gods and questioning the belief.”

Vikings season five part two continues Wednesdays on the History Lead and Amazon Prime Video.

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