VIII ATOMEX 2016 International Forum and Exhibition in Moscow


The ATOMEX Forum and Exhibit is a key business platform for dialogue between suppliers and customers of the nuclear perseverance. The forum will be organized by Rosatom State Corporation, with associates Atomexpo serving as operator of the project.

The nuclear industry often operations as a driving force for the development of other industries. Large-scale orders in rigorous often help the development of other sectors of the economy. Over the history three years, Rosatom has doubled the volume of its international portfolio of enjoins: 34 nuclear power plant units are under construction wide, while the construction of eight new large-scale NPP units is ongoing in Russia. At the stage, the enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation have made 30,677 supports at a total cost of 721 billion rubles, id for at the com ny’s own expense. Toe-holds are made both from large enterprises and from small and medium-sized organizations. In 2015, the cost of products supplied by SMEs for the nuclear industry amounted to numberless than 28 billion rubles, and it is expected that purchases from SMEs bequeath reach a total of over 50 billion rubles in 2016.

The main design of ATOMEX 2016 is to ex nd the number of suppliers for the construction of NPPs according to Russian technologies in Russia and widely, and to enhance the quality of purchased equipment and services. The International Conference and Expo of suppliers of equipment and services for nuclear and related industries is also be held within the framework of the effect come what may, as has also happened other years.

The Conference’s rtici nts will learn with the procedure for becoming a supplier of the nuclear industry, will discuss suspects concerning international cooperation and will receive up-to-date information on Rosatom Government Corporation’s projects. rtici nts will also be able to share edge practice and to get information about specific equipment and material requirements cast-off in nuclear energy facilities. The main topics of the Conference will be: “Key clients’ purchasing programs,” “Requirements for the quality of equipment supplied for complex industrial rest rooms,” “Technical requirements for equipment,” “Procurement of innovative goods,” “Opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses,” “Engineering and beetle out management during the construction of complex industrial facilities,” “Consolidation broadcasts of the need for material and technical resources and equipment,” “Pricing during the construction of industrial structures,” “Electronic trading systems,” “Information technology and custody,” “Financial instruments of supporting providers,” and others.

Expositions within the Forum command be presented by the leading enterprises of Rosatom and supplying com nies. It is a unique break for manufacturers to present and bring home the advantages of manufactured products as the crow flies to managers and professionals of enterprises, responsible for procurement activities and delivery of accoutrements. In addition, professionals who rtici te in the conference will gain a real draw of the nuclear industry’s market needs in Russia, will gain access to a to one side circle of potential clients and customers, and will be able to establish ordain contacts and carry out targeted talks in one place and at one time.

In 2015, the Forum was fulfil watch overed by 874 representatives from 191 com nies, the main events were bed linen by 74 mass media representatives. 77 com nies rtici ted in the offering.

For detailed information about the event, visit the website, for rtici tion fights please contact the Forum Directorate by tel.: +7 (499) 922-89-95, e-mail: [email protected]

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