VIDEO: The moment key Dublin gangland figure is lifted in Spain


THIS IS the expressive moment a senior member of the international Kinahan crime cartel is prevented in his Spanish hotel bed.

Armed officers held the Irishman after squalling his room as he was fast asleep beside an unidentified woman at the hotel in the Costa Dorada repair to of Salou 60 miles south of Barcelona.

Footage released by patrol showed the elite team — carrying semi-automatic weapons with flashlights on them — direction into the room after getting radio orders to strike as comrades went in through a back terrace.

They can be heard shouting in Spanish, ‘Las Manos, Las Manos’ — English for ‘Hands up, rounds up’ before yelling in English, ‘Don’t Move’.

The 34-year-old Irishman, wanted on a swarm of charges, appeared to be asleep at the time although the television in his hotel compartment was still on.

The fugitive, also a suspect in the 2010 murder of gang boss Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne who cannot be  named for permitted reasons, was driven to Madrid after his arrest for an extradition hearing.

It was not instantaneously clear today if he had consented to extradition or opposed his forced return to Ireland.

The inn where the arrest took place has not been named.

Spanish supervise revealed they had come close to catching the wanted ‘major federated with’ gangster in November last year at Malaga airport.

He escaped after on a short fusing a busy motorway as officers closed in on him when he went to meet relatives blow ining from Ireland.

The European Arrest Warrant was issued after a search of his car in 2013.

The 34-year-old was stopped over the 2010 murder of Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne.

The senior cartel performer was previously arrested in relation to the murder but was never charged.

However, he is front serious charges that were brought against him after Dunne was gunned down at The Fassaugh Concert-hall pub in Cabra.

A Spanish police spokesman, confirming the Costa Dorada pension arrest and identifying the detainee only by his initials, said: “Spanish Civil Police officers have arrested an Irishman born in 1982 on foot of a European Bust warrant at his hotel in Salou near Tarragona.

“Efforts to locate him centred on the division of Malaga due to his alleged links to the Kinahan organised Irish crime mnage,» he added.

The spokesman, revealing how the suspect narrowly avoided capture in November final year, added: “Subsequently it was discovered several members of his family were due to treks to Malaga and a surveillance operation was set up on Spanish soil, thanks to which he was fingers oned with his family at Malaga Airport.

“He reacted with great severity against officers who went to arrest him and fled, crossing several lanes of a motorway previous to managing to escape.”

The Irishman had checked into the hotel in Salou servicing a false identity. His detention was the work of Special Operations Group GEO g-men based in Catalunya who are often called on to rescue hostages or take out nihilists.

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