Victoria’s Secret 2017: Gigi and Bella Hadid’s mum reveals models’ MONTH-long preparation


Gigi, 22, is preparing her third appearance in the lingerie brand’s annual fashion show, while for her sister Bella, 21, it choice her second time. 

Both sisters announced they would be go in this year’s show in August — but after getting cast it did not break off there. 

Their proud mum Yolanda Hadid, 53, revealed the matched set have been working hard to prepare for next month’s show up. 

Appearing on Australia’s Today Extra, she said: “You know it is hard function, they are on a diet and they work out every day. 

Victoria's Secret: Yolanda Hadid reveals Gigi and Bella's preparation regime GETTY

Victoria’s Quietly 2017: Gigi and Bella Hadid’s mum has revealed the models’ preparation order

You know it is hard work, they are on a diet and they work out every day.

“There is a whole kit system to it for them to look, you know, the best version of themselves on the day of the escort.” 

This year’s fashion show is set for Shanghai, China and will be announce to the world on 10pm (US time) November 28 on CBS. 

UK fans will need to attend to a little longer to watch their favourite strut their goods on the runway. 

The official air date in the UK is yet to been confirmed, but the show typically aerates on 4Music a week after it shows in the US. 

Those really dedicated can subscribe to Hayu to watch the show at the notwithstanding time as America. 


Victoria’s Secret: Yolanda Hadid chance «they are on a diet and they work out every day»

“I’ve never really maintained in that, and I think your body will respond well if you come in it happy in a moderate way—kind of like portion control.

“For breakfast, I as though scrambled eggs, avocado, oatmeal—I really love oatmeal—or granola and yoghurt.

“Lunch at ones desire be a piece of fish like salmon and then maybe some salad on the side—today we had chicken and salad.

“And then dinner, in all likelihood the same thing — a protein and a green. For snacks, I like nuts and those desiccated peas. They’re really addictive.”

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