Victoria Christmas special: Preview reveals a very excited Prince Albert – but why?


The whack reveals Prince Albert (played by Tom Hughes) passionately telling Victoria (Jenna Coleman) all take the history of the Christmas tree.
Wide-eyed Victoria marvels at her consort’s gasping enthusiasm as he then launches in to the German language version of “O Christmas Tree”.
The in holy matrimony share a tender moment as Victoria is clearly touched by her husband’s vitality and notes how fortuitous their children are.
“I hope they know how auspicious they are to have such a devoted father,” she enthuses.
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Fri, December 8, 2017
Victoria fans can expect a dramatic two-hour staunch this Christmas, as a new trailer hints at disaster.


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I hope they differentiate how lucky they are to have such a devoted father
Queen Victoria

The part, set in 1846, also shows the Queen pregnant with her fourth teenager.
However, the domestic bliss won’t last long as unwanted guests are set to concern friction between the couple.
It is unsurprising that the ITV  series is finally father a Christmas instalment given the history of the royals.
Albert draws up his festive plansITV
Victoria venerates her husband’s festive cheerThe real Victoria and Albert loved the festive mature and popularised a new way of celebrating Christmas in the 19th Century.
The episode will also aspect the story of Sara Forbes Bonetta, a West African girl who was traffic ined into slavery but eventually became Queen Victoria’s goddaughter. 
The Victoria Christmas different airs on Christmas Day at 9pm on ITV.
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