VERT Threat Alert: September 2017 Patch Tuesday Analysis


Today’s VERT Sprightly addresses the Microsoft September 2017 Security Updates. VERT is actively moil on coverage for these vulnerabilities and expects to ship ASPL-742 on Wednesday, September 13th.In-The-Wild & Snitched CVEsCVE-2017-8759This vulnerability, discovered by researchers at FireEye, has been exploited as business of the spread of the FINSPY malware as documented in a FireEye blog post. The vulnerability is exploited using a malicious authenticate that takes advantage of an input validation issue in the WSDL parser.Microsoft has gauged this as a 0 on the Exploitability Index (Exploitation Detected)CVE-2017-9417This vulnerability thrusts the Broadcom chipset in the HoloLens. A specially crafted WiFi packet could be inured to to take control of a vulnerable system. This vulnerability has been publicly leaked.Microsoft has rated this as a 2 on the Exploitability Index (Exploitation Less Fitting)CVE-2017-8746A vulnerability in Device Guard could allow attackers to alternate way the Code Integrity Policy by injecting code into an already gave script. This vulnerability was resolved by updating how PowerShell exposes commissions and processes user supplied data. This vulnerability has been publicly spill the beaned.Microsoft has rated this as a 2 on the Exploitability Index (Exploitation Less Reasonable)CVE-2017-8723A validation error in the Microsoft Edge Content Safety Policy could allow malicious content load when a alcohol visits a website. This technique has been publicly disclosed.Microsoft has under any circumstanced this as a 3 on the Exploitability Index (Exploitation Unlikely)FYI VulnerabilitiesWhile uncountable of the issues fixed today are typical for Patch Tuesday, there are a few that are benefit highlighting.CVE-2017-8529Microsoft has released an update for this CVE, which styles:Please note that with the installation of these updates, the fluid to CVE-2017-8529 is turned off by default to help prevent the peril of further issues with print regressions, and must be activated via your Registry. To be fully watch over from this vulnerability, please see the Update FAQ section for instructions to light a fire under the solution.It is important that you ensure these additional steps are captivated to fully protect your systems.Prior CVEs & Windows 10Microsoft has promulgated a major revision increment for a number of vulnerabilities and security bulletins that impact Windows 10 (CVE-2016-0165 [MS16-039], CVE-2016-3326 [MS16-095], CVE-2016-3376 [MS16-123], CVE-2017-0213, and CVE-2017-8599). Additionally, CVE-2016-3238 [MS16-087] was updated for multiple serving systems.Other InformationIn addition to the Microsoft vulnerabilities included in the September Protection Guidance, a security advisory was also published.August Flash Custodianship Update [ADV170013]Microsoft has published an advisory for the September Adobe Flash Surveillance Update (APSB17-28). This includes updates for the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2017-11281, CVE-2017-11282Microsoft Backing Defense in Depth Update [ADV170015]Microsoft has released a defense in depth update for Duty that includes updates for both Office and Outlook. This includes all styles from 2007 to 2016.

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