Versailles season 2: Drama will push the boundaries of male nudity, reveals star


The epoch drama sparked controversy when it first hit screens on the BBC last year after a plethora of sex brouhahas, mainly featuring women. 

However, cast members have now communicated that this will be more balanced as viewers will see uncountable male nudity when the drama returns next week. 

Alexander, who courts French king Louis XIV’s scheming brother Monsieur Philippe d’Orleans, held: «There is going to be a lot of naked men this time round which we didn’t set up in season one — season two pushes the boundaries of that. 

«We see a lot of the characters not doing what you choice expect, all the stuff you have seen, we have inverted it,» he added. 

Final season, viewers saw Philippe discover his military side, which on the contrary caused more woes in his relationship with Chevalier (played by Evan Williams), and his trouble. 

Alexander teased: «Perhaps in season two we will see Louis trying out being the warrior. 

«Philippe becomes incredibly domesticated and there is the chance of a new wife,» he continued. 

Viewers will also get to see a dark shadow throughout the royal household, which is normally full of colour and life. 

George Blagden (who plays Louis) commented: «We purposed season one with Louis left isolated — his nearest had enough of him and take ones leave of him on his own.

«We see this man at the centre of it all start to lose his way as he tries to keep the power he has existed. 

«He has lost the people he can trust and he starts listening to the wrong ones… A lot of numbers in the building go through the slide into darkness,» he explains. 

Versailles go backs to BBC Two at 9:30pm on April 21. 

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