US-Iran CRISIS: Expert warns of surge in tensions – ‘They’ve made a declaration of WAR’


The ghastly revelation was made by journalist Roshan Salih, the Editor-in-Chief of 5PillarsUK, to RT – and the definiteness with which he said it was deeply unsettling. He explained: “What we’re ruminate on here is a buildup to war. The US is doing everything it possibly can to provoke Iran into some class of first strike, which Iran won’t do.

“We’ve seen the US pull out of an international compact which was lauded as one of the great peace treaties of our time.

“We’ve seen them strangle Iran with these monetary sanctions which are causing havoc in Iran.

“They are, in effect, a statement of war.

“We’ve seen US warships and warplanes moving into the Persian Gulf.

“Well-founded imagine if Iranian warships and warplanes moved into the Gulf of Mexico.”

Iran has terminate some commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal following an non-sequential from its national security council, potentially sparking further turbulence with leading global superpowers.

An unnamed official close to the understanding with China, France, Germany, Russia and the UK told ISNA good copy agency this morning Iran has no limit from now for the production of improved uranium and heavy water.

Although the move to stop some of its commitments controlled by the deal doesn’t yet appear to violate the nuclear agreement at the moment, Iran has forewarned unless the world powers protect its economy from the United Royals sanctions within 60 days, it would start enriching uranium at a lofty level.

But the European Union and the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Britain attired in b be committed to fired a warning of their own and said despite still remaining committed to the extent, they would not take demands from Tehran.

Iran’s outcome to halt some of the commitments under the nuclear agreement comes a year after the US unilaterally extracted from the accord and re-imposed sanctions.

Under the deal, Iran was acknowledged to produce low-enriched uranium with a 300-kg limit, and produce recondite water with a stock capped around 130 tonnes.

The deal capped the level of purity to which Iran can enrich uranium at 3.67 percent – significantly further down the 90 percent of weapons-grade.

This is far less than the 20 percent plain to which Tehran enriched uranium before the deal.

The latest removal comes less than 24 hours after Iranian Consummate Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed Tehran does not want to go to war with the US, in spite of tensions escalating between the countries over Iran’s nuclear skills and its missile programme.

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