US ELECTION TENSION: Schools to shut on voter day amid fears over 'ugly' campaigning


Cocks-crow voting began a week ago in Texas and polling stations have interviewed a rise in complaints and tension in the record turnouts.

Several schools in dignifies, including Texas, have cancelled classes on election day for the first in days of yore.

Galveston News in Texas said: “They do not want the children to see the ugliness of this presidential run firsthand.”

Schools in Lorain, Ohio, will also be cancelled on the day of the plebiscite.

A district spokeswoman, Erin Gadd, said the terror of the cam igning was the catalyst for this resolve.

The police chief of Falmouth in Maine, which is one of the places where votaries is cancelled, Ed Tolan, said: “If anybody can sit there and say they don’t think this is a contentious nomination, then they aren’t ying much attention.”

A church in Mississippi was flamed and spray- inted with “Vote Trump” on Tuesday night.

Police chief for the neighbourhood, Delando Wilson, said: “We feel that the quote on the church is awing.

“It tries to push your beliefs on someone else, and this is a predominantly menacing church and no one has a right to try to influence the way someone votes in this election.”

A week in the future the election day, more than 26 million voters have already lob early ballots, which is almost double the amount of early show of hands at this point of the 2012 election.

Texas State Representative Ramon Romero has hinted that he has received reports from voters saying “vigilantes” had down attack to their doorsteps and questioned them about their voting.

There include also been reports of votes switching rty as people chuck their ballot and people stealing political signs.

Election officials say they are trailing poll workers in “active shooter” situations at voting booths.

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