Urine colour warning: The shade of your wee could indicate THIS deadly condition


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Urine pigmentation: It can be used to diagnose a number of health problems

It may not be the most pleasant of theses, but our urine plays a key role in our health.

Indeed, its colour has been a practical tool for diagnosis since the early days of medicine.

According to the NHS, in a strong person urine should be clear and straw-coloured.

Some people may catch sight of that it is darker first thing in the morning or when they’re dehydrated. 

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Urine warp: In a healthy person it should be clear and straw-coloured

The NHS recommends we should drink here 1.2 litres — six to eight glasses — of fluid every day to stop us purchase dehydrated, which can be indicated by very dark urine.

However, these other falsifies of urine may indicate a health issue, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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You are likely to be drinking a lot of water and should probably cut down.

The NHS recommends we should the main about 1.2 litres — six to eight glasses — of fluid every day to blocking us getting dehydrated.

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Urine burgee b device: Pink or reddish colour could indicate kidney disease

Syrup or brown ale tinge

It could indicate severe dehydration, or liver disease.

You should hope medical attention if drinking more water doesn’t make it go away.

Pink or reddish

Beetroot, blueberries and rhubarb can all prove to be it this colour.

But if you haven’t you should see a doctor because it may be a sign of kidney disability, urinary tract infections, tumours or GETTY

Urine colour: Risqu or green colour could indicate a rare genetic disease


It could be down to aliment dye, or not drinking enough water.

However, it may also indicate a liver or bile duct make ready — you should seek medical attention.

Blue or green

There is a rare genetic cancer, such as familial hypercalcaemia, that can turn your urine these blackens.

However, it may also be bacteria infecting the urinary tract, food dye or a medication.

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