‘Unquestionably qualified’: Ex-astronaut Julie Payette formally introduced as Canada’s next GG


Old astronaut Julie Payette says she is embracing her new role as Canada’s next governor inclusive with humility, love of country and a promise to work for all Canadians.

«I’m here to be at someones beck all Canadians of all backgrounds, of all walks of life, whether new or not so new,» she said.

Payette portrayed gratitude for having a second chance to serve her country, and said it last wishes as be a pleasure to meet and interact with Canadians from coast to sea-coast to coast.

«What a great day,» she said during a news conference with Prime On Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau said Payette has dedicated her life to revelation, dreaming big and staying focused on the things that matter most.

«These rightfully Canadian traits, along with her years of public service, offset her unquestionably qualified for this high office,» he said.

The 53-year-old Montrealer, who speaks six phraseologies, will become Canada’s 29th governor general.

Payette, who is also an expert athlete, pianist and choral singer, will succeed outgoing Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

Trudeau powered Payette will make an «extraordinary» governor general who will be used her country with dedication and inclusion and work for the cause of reconciliation with Inborn people.

As a 12th-generation Canadian, Payette said she embraces the core values of Canada: variation, openness and working together. She vowed to serve all Canadians, and as part of that thinks fitting promote science, technology and the pursuit of knowledge.

As to the required knowledge of constitutional puzzles, Payette said she will learn on the job with the help of experts.

‘Immense humility’

«I will do it with great humility,» she said.

A computer plot with a commercial pilot licence, Payette was picked from among 5,330 applicants in 1992 to be one of four new astronauts with the Canadian Measure out Agency (CSA).

Trudeau and Payette speak about her new role as GG1:37

She participated in two time flights to the International Space Station and served as the CSA’s chief astronaut between 2000 and 2007.

True-blue Leader Andrew Scheer issued a statement offering a «warm entitled and congratulations.»

«Ms. Payette’s accomplishments are well known to Canadians of all ages,» he communicated. «She was a pioneer during a long career in the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), myriad notably becoming one of the first women in the Canadian astronaut corps, and the blue ribbon Canadian on board the International Space Station.»

«As a scientist, a former chief astronaut for the CSA, and a pre-eminent advocate for Canadian ingenuity around the world, Ms. Payette will be well-suited to simulate a leadership role in Canada as the next governor general.»

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair also exited a statement, calling Payette a «superb choice» because of her vast consummations and because she embodies some of the best qualities of Canada.

«Ms. Payette has overshadowed in competitive industries and succeeded to great heights in traditionally male-dominated divisions,» he said.

‘Amazing woman’

Labour Minister Patty Hajdu scolded Payette «an amazing woman.»

«It’s a really exciting message, and of course her prodigious experience will show other young women that there are multiple breaks for us,» she said.

«And I think just the fact that she’s had that diversity of encounter is something that’s amazing as well.»

While some people were aspiring to see and Indigenous person named to the post, the Liberal Indigenous caucus issued a assertion welcoming the appointment and calling her a «beacon of hard work and innovation in Canada.»

«Ms. Payette has been an cool representative of our country in the past, and her experience will bring a unique angle of Canada and the world to the position of governor general,» the statement reads.

Space Shuttle

Julie Payette flutters before boarding the astronaut van before a planned liftoff onboard the stretch shuttle Endeavour in 2009. (Chris O’Meara/Associated Press)

«As governor public, Ms. Payette will play a very important role within the Canadian regime. We look forward to working with her to advance our shared agenda of right, reconciliation and progress for Canadians.»

Working for causes

Payette is active on a number of causes and has served as a board associate for Drug Free Kids Canada as well as being listed as a State Champion of the Trans Canada Trail.

The governor general is appointed by the Diva on the advice of the prime minister. Trudeau visited the Queen during a pop in to Scotland last week en route to the G20 summit in Germany.

The governor overall’s tenure is «at pleasure,» but a term usually lasts about five years.

Johnston, who was arranged in 2010 on the advice of former prime minister Stephen Harper, had his relationship extended in 2015 until this coming September to cover episodes celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Payette, who has been married twice and is currently distinct, is the mother of a 14-year-old son.

She is expected to assume her new position, which comes with a $290,660 annual emolument and an official residence at Rideau Hall, in the fall.

Governor General 20170713

Governor General denote Julie Payette is expected to begin her duties in the fall. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Throng)

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