University of Calgary and CSA to study neurological conditions of astronauts on ISS

20 October 2016

The Canadian Gap Agency (CSA) has rtnered with the University of Calgary to conduct a new experiment to bookwork how long-duration missions neurologically affects astronauts.

The Wayfinding joint deliberate over will examine how reduced gravitational forces im ct the astronauts’ ca city to find their way around during their stay in the International Lay out Station (ISS).

Scheduled to commence in 2018, Wayfinding will also ease other people on Earth affected by neurological conditions and neural degeneration consanguineous to ageing.

Results of the study could further contribute to the treatment of neurological discomposes.

Starting his six-month mission to the ISS by 2018-2019, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques pleasure take rt in the study.

“This knowledge will help us develop effective countermeasures to keep our astronauts healthy and safe during their long-term committees in s ce.»

Wayfinding princi l investigator and University of Calgary professor Dr Giuseppe Iaria im rted: «This study will give us the unique opportunity to investigate how the absence of gravity affects the complex neural networks responsible for our sense of aiming.

“This knowledge will help us generate effective countermeasures to prolong our astronauts healthy and safe during their long-term missions in lapse, and their subsequent lives on Earth.

“Moreover, our findings will take care of a deeper understanding of a variety of neurological conditions in which getting st is a prominent symptom.”

As rt of Wayfinding, Dr Iaria and his associates will about neuroimaging studies on astronauts before they leave for the ISS and upon their proceeds to Earth.

The study will receive an investment of C$728,000 ($555,640) from CSA for a age of more than five years.

Image: Astronaut inside the Worldwide S ce Station. Photo: courtesy of Nasa.

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